Pool Table Movers in Fort Worth You Can Depend On

Customers rely on our pool table services in Houston, and Pool Table Crew is available in Fort Worth, as well,  so you can trust our pool table movers no matter what brand or model table you have. Our trained technicians have the experience and tools to safely and effectively move a pool table. This is never a small task, as billiards tables can weigh anywhere from 500 to 1,000 pounds. However, our team is skilled at safely moving, installing, and repairing pool tables while preventing damage to the furniture and your home.

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Types of Table Moves

Pool Table Crew offers a wide range of billiards services. Our table movers can move your table:


  • Within the same room in your home

  • To a different room in the house

  • Up or down a flight of stairs

  • Within Fort Worth or to a different city

  • To and from a storage facility


But that’s not all. Our team of experts can handle every step of the process, from initial preparation to final pool table installation. If you live in the Fort Worth area, you can count on us for pool table:


  • Disassembly: Employing the latest tools, we can safely disassemble your pool table and move it to a secure area, including a different room, the garage, or into storage.


  • Assembly: Our technicians are trained to install new and used pool tables, no matter the brand, model, or factory they came from while protecting your floors, carpets, and walls.


  • Leveling: Are your pool balls rolling to the side when they should be going in a straight line? We can re-level the surface so it is even, and you can rely on accurate shots once again.


  • Bumper installation: It may take 20 years or more for rubber cushions to wear out. If your pool table has lost its bounce, we can install new cushions to restore it.


  • Refelting: More than 20 different felt colors are available. You can choose from standard felts and the highest quality of cloth you’ll find in the industry.


Clients rely on us for pool table moving in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. You can depend on our pool table movers for disassembly, transportation, and installation as well as anything else it takes to efficiently move your table. We take special care not to scratch or damage your billiards table in the process, although each is insured to protect against any unforeseen problems. If you need repairs or replacement parts, we can fix broken legs, damaged pockets, or misaligned rails.

Hire a Professional Pool Table Mover

It is very strenuous to move a pool table. Without experience, there’s a high risk of damage to the table and your property, not to mention serious injuries. Our professionals are familiar with every kind of billiard table and the challenges of moving one. We ensure safety and that your table will retain its function, appeal, and value.


Pool Table Crew can handle every step of the pool table moving process. To get in touch with our pool table movers in Fort Worth, call 832-530-6766 or reserve your spot today.