Qualified Pool Table Movers in El Paso, TX

Our pool table movers are trusted throughout Texas to relocate, disassemble, re-assemble, and repair tables as part of our comprehensive set of billiards services. Pool Table Crew is highly regarded for pool table services in Houston, but we serve customers in Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, and other cities when they require professional pool table moving experts. We’re not a typical moving company. Our table movers can safely remove, transport, and install any brand or model of pool table in the industry.

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A One-Stop Shop for Table Moving Services

Whether you need our technicians to move a pool table from one room to another, up or down stairs, or within the same room, we can help. We specialize in local and inter-city moves as well. If you’re looking to move your pool table to a storage unit or retrieve it from one, our team is available to assist in the entire process.


Moving a pool table within El Paso or to another city requires several steps. For example, most pool tables need to be disassembled before they can be moved. Fortunately, our technicians are skilled and employ the proper equipment and tools to complete this step without damaging your furniture. We also re-assemble new or used pool tables so they’re ready for use after a rigorous move.


Our technicians can provide various maintenance and repair services as well, including pool table leveling. When the balls no longer roll evenly across the surface, the table may not be level, but we can relevel any billiard table. Other tasks we can complete include rubber bumper installation, especially if your cushions are over 20 years old, look rotted, or don’t provide the same bounce they once did. New felt can be installed too; you can choose from standard felts or the highest-quality cloth, and from over 20 different colors.


Clients often depend on our skilled pool table movers. In addition to pool table installation, we can perform repairs to legs, frames, pockets, rails, and more—and a 1-Year Guarantee is provided for all our services.

Always Rely on Professional Pool Table Movers

Moving a pool table on your own is extremely dangerous, especially if you have no experience. That’s what we’re here for. Our technicians provide unbeatable moving services and are experienced with virtually every type of pool table. A professional can avoid scratches to your pool table, furniture, floors, and walls and can protect your home even further. From cleaning our shoes before entering your home to cleaning up when we’re done, you can be assured not just your pool table will survive the moving process.

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Pool Table Crew is trusted for the most reliable pool table movers in El Paso, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and other Texas cities. From pool table installation to releveling and repairs, we can ensure your billiards table remains in peak condition and retains its value. Learn more by calling 832-530-6766, or book an appointment now.