Pool Table Movers in Fort Worth You Can Depend On

Pool Table Crew is well-known for pool table services in Houston and is available in Dallas to provide a range of billiards services. Our pool table movers are highly trained and experienced. A single billiard table can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds, so it can be extremely dangerous to move a pool table without the proper skills, equipment, and tools. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can depend on our crews to move a billiard table anywhere you like and even provide repairs.


Types of Table Moves We Provide in Dallas

Our pool table services are far-reaching. Professional pool table movers can do the heavy lifting within your home, whether you’re relocating the table to a different room or a different place in the same room. They can even get pool tables up and down flights of stairs. We can also help if you’re moving within Dallas or to another city or need to get the table to or from storage.


Pool table installation is another one of our specialties, as we can assemble any brand or model of billiard table, whether it’s new or used. We provide disassembly as well. This is often necessary when moving a heavy pool table, installing new carpet or flooring, or getting the table to another house, room, the garage, or a storage unit. Pool tables can then be safely reassembled and prepared for normal use.


Our other pool table services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area include:


  • Leveling: An uneven playing surface will cause the balls to shift directions erratically rather than move straight. We can relevel any pool table, no matter what factory it came from.


  • Rubber cushion installation: Pool table bumpers can last 20 years or more; balls should bounce off easily, but if they’re hitting the bumper with a thud or the bumper looks worn, we can install a new one.


  • Refelting: Standard felts can be installed, but we offer the highest-quality cloth so you can pick from over 20 different felt colors to match your specific pool table or give it a new look.


Our pool table moving services include preparation, disassembly, transportation, leveling, and other installation and repair services you need. We take special care to avoid scratches in the process. If anything does happen or your billiard table needs a new leg or a pocket repaired, Pool Table Crew can take care of it.

Why Do I Need Professional Pool Table Movers?

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Hiring a professional mover is the most important step in having your pool table safely moved without it getting dirty or damaged. We also insure your table in case anything does go wrong. Our crew is committed to treating your pool table and home with care. Technicians arrive in clean shoes to protect your carpet and clean work areas when they’re done. Plus, they are trained to move pool tables of any brand or model.

Our pool table movers in Dallas are qualified to provide the highest quality service at reasonable prices. To learn more about our services, and our 1-Year Guarantee, call us at 832-530-6766 today. Also, feel free to book service online.